When is the last time you felt relaxed and happy with your relationships?

When you last found some quiet time for yourself and reflected on life, did this time leave you feeling rejuvenated and content? Were you left feeling sad and defeated?

Is your heart full of longing for connection, but the relationships you wish for the most in life feellike they are just out of reach?

As we move through life and grow through our experiences relationships change and go through periods of highs and lows. Some of us can navigate these changes successfully, while others of us are left feeling isolated, confused, unappreciated, and hopeless.

I understand that your relationship needs are personal. Without judgment and with gentle guidance I can help you build, repair, and strengthen your unique relationships. I will provide you with the tools needed to be more successful in recognizing emotions, communicating needs, setting healthy limits and resolving conflict.

As a therapist I know that the heart of connecting is being there for my clients in a meaningful way when it really counts. I am available to work with individuals, couples, and families.

Let us begin the journey towards the happier, more connected, and meaningful life you have dreamed of and imagined.