We all have dreams for our relationships, whether with a spouse, significant other, a child or a family member. Dreams of feeling loved and emotionally connected. Dreams of finding connection, comfort, and support. Sometimes relationships get complicated. Individuals are not adaptable, and we find instead, our relationships leave us feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. As we grow and develop, as our relationships evolve, it is important to continue finding new ways of connecting with those we love and care about.   

Heart of Connecting is a family focused parenting and relationship based private practice centered on helping you build secure, emotionally connected family bonds.

We offer a range of classes, workshops,parent coaching, consulting, and counseling services all specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your family. 

Our services have recently expanded to include the Early Learning Program. Through Early Learning we are partnering with families and community preschools to support children in their journey from early childhood to kindergarten and beyond.

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