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Meet Marla Weingart

Marla Weingart, M. Ed

Marla is an early childhood education leader in the Irvine community. Marla began her career at 18 as a preschool teacher and has continued to learn and grow in the early childhood field for the past two decades. During that time, Marla has obtained her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and her Masters of Education in Early Childhood Education. Marla has been a preschool teacher and administrator, the Early Childhood Education Specialist and Program Educator for the Irvine Unified School District’s School Readiness Program and is currently a Transitional Kindergarten Teacher, also in IUSD. During her tenure at the School Readiness Program, Marla was instrumental in developing programs that supported young children and their families.

Marla has worked with parents, children and early childhood educators and currently provides a variety of trainings and workshops on early childhood and ways to support young learners throughout the Orange County area. Marla’s passion for providing young children with developmentally appropriate activities and teaching parents and other educators how to support each individual child has helped her become widely recognized and respected in our community as a wonderful resource for families and educators. Marla often presents at conferences and local preschools to help support curriculum development in a variety of areas. Marla also works with parents on how to support their young children at home. Both her teacher and parent workshops focus on building social emotional competencies in children, as that is key to all future development.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Marla is a wife and has two young children herself. She is immersed in young children and has the wonderful perspective of being a parent and teacher to young children.