Raising good kids who are socially strong and emotionally secure requires effective parenting skills.

Parents raising children appreciate how incredibly complex they are, growing constantly in many different areas- emotionally, socially, and cognitively. We do the best we can to raise them to be happy and to succeed. Parenting is real work and sometimes even our best efforts leave us feeling unsuccessful, lost and in need of help.

As a parenting coach I have  solutions to your stress, worry, and fears. Coaching can help you become a calmer, more confident parent with a greater connection to your children. 

 I am available to support you with any of the following:

  • behavior and discipline          
  • team parenting
  • parent-child relationships
  • whining
  • not listening
  • bedtime hassles
  • temper tantrums
  • power struggles
  • social skills 
  • emotional regulation
  • homework hassles
  • back talk
  • functional family communication
  • putting the fun back into parenting

Working with me you can expect the following parenting help: 

  • get clear on your parenting goals 
  • learn practical and effective evidence-based parenting strategies
  • develop a new more positive parenting style
  • work to break old habits and establish new ones
  • connect strongly and more deeply with your children

 While opportunities have never been greater, we are raising children in a complex time. Nevertheless, parenting need not be complicated and certainly should not be a never ending struggle.

If you are fighting against your children.  If your child's behavior leaves you feeling helpless.  If you feel like you are failing as a parent and you worry your parenting may be doing more harm than good, let's talk!                          

For convenience, I am available to meet  at my office, at your home, or we can talk over the phone or with google hangout