I truly believe Hayley was sent to me for a bigger purpose, other than just to help me and my son, then 3 years old. Once I saw the depth of understanding and outlook she has on toddler and preschool aged kids, I knew she had a gift that had to be shared with our community. She has the ability to help parents understand what their children are thinking, feeling and why they are behaving the way that they are. Her respectful approach not only helps children be more cooperative, but it also makes parents feel good about their relationships with their children which can often feel tarnished in that challenging yet adorable phase. She helped me personally with so many tools and language to use with my son that was effective and practical. Hayley truly is an asset to any family looking for parenting support and education.

Alexandra Spitz, Founder of The New Mom School

I attended the "Mommy and Me" classes through The New Mom's School and Hayley was one of our guest speakers. I loved her immediately and decided that as soon as my daughter was a year and a half I would take her toddler classes. We just finished her 8 week toddler parenting series and it was everything I was hoping for and more. Hayley is so down to earth and such a wonderful person, and she is very knowledgeable in everything related to child development. She shares her own stories and struggles as a parent which makes her relatable, but also backs up everything she says with science, statistics, and studies. There was not one thing she said that set off any alarms in my head or was something I didn't agree with. My husband and I have attended many of her Saturday workshops and they are all equally great as well. She packs in a ton of really helpful information in a very short amount of time. I have learned so much from her and I feel like I am a better parent because of her classes. I will continue to look forward to attending as many of her workshops and classes as she offers. I highly recommend attending anything that Hayley and Heart of Connecting has to offer, I promise you will not be disappointed!

Vanessa W. -Mom from Newport Beach

I just completed Hayley's eight week Toddler Parenting series and can't reccomend it highly enough! I was clueless how to respond to my son's temper tantrums and felt so relieved a class like Hayley's exists. Within minutes of meeting her, I felt at ease. She's knowledgeable, passionate and has such a warm, caring approach. It was so fascinating learning about child development and the reason behind a child's behavior. I loved the topics covered and found them to be spot on relevant for what we are currently experiencing. I've already applied so many of the skills taught by Hayley and feel that much more confident as a mother. I only wish the class ran indefinitely.

Ashlie Z. -Mom From Laguna Niguel

I just completed her 8 week class about toddlers and I have learned so much. Hayley is amazing,knowledgeable, passionate and she loves what she does. Every week there was a different topic on toddlers and she would use examples of her own kids growing up. I was always excited going to her class and learn something new about how to deal with our challenging toddlers. A lot of times I would keep her after class to get feedback/answers for my concerns and she was so easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend taking her 8 week course, you will not regret it. Its worth every penny!

Camilla T. -Mom from Irvine

Haley is an amazing person. Her class has taught me about myself, my parenting and my child. Her classes are all based on the simple idea of building relationships not only for today but for the future. To start building those foundations with our kids to enable us to have better relationships as they become teenager and adults. I took this class not knowing what to expect, I only knew I needed guidance with my son. Every week she taught us new things which help me understand why my son did certain things. She would give us advice on how to deal with certain situations and within the first few weeks I saw a difference in my son's behavior. I feel alot more confident as a parent and I also see my 4 year son opening up to me about his feelings and having conversations with me. I appreciate her honestly and her knowledge. 8 weeks seems like a big time commitment, but I can say it is worth every minute. Every class I walked out with something knew and more importantly it help my husband and me get in the same page.

Elizabeth C. -Mom from Yorba Linda

Hayley is literally the best. Every single parent of a toddler needs to take her toddler parenting course! I first met her through The New Mom School where she taught a class on Positive Discipline. I've since taken her 1-hour workshops on various topics, and just recently concluded a six-week private toddler parenting course with my original mommy group. All of her classes are amazing, but the toddler parenting course is so incredible. I feel so much more prepared to handle my very high-spirited toddler after having Hayley in my corner for the last six weeks. She approaches every situation with love and respect for your child, but still with the goal of raising great kids (and not being a permissive parent!). I can't recommend Hayley enough for her workshops, toddler parenting courses or private one-on-one or group counseling. She has changed the way I parent forever!

Lindsey N. -Mom from Costa Mesa

My wife and I took the 8 week toddler informational course with Haley. She is extremely knowledgeable about children and toddler behavior.
Her class is definitely a must for new parents and parents struggling to stay sane with their young ones. Attending the class thought me to be more understanding of my children.
The class was well structured with a variety of topics that helped us better cope and understand our children. I learned to proactively interact with my child while we maintaining a loving environment for our children to learn and grow from.
I highly recommend all parents to go through this course as it is very informational and personal...
Thank you Haley for your hard work and dedication.

Scott P. -Dad from Irvine

My husband and I took Hayley's class just as our baby was turning 1 year old. We took the class because we wanted to be as prepared as possible to parent a toddler. After taking Hayley's parenting class, I feel like I have many new skills that will help me navigate the new world of parenting a toddler. Neither my husband nor I have a lot of experience with small children, so we wanted to make sure that we knew the right way to establish boundaries, use discipline, and create the best environment for our child. Hayley's class gave us the tools necessary to accomplish these goals. Finally, I feel like I have a real lifeline with Hayley if challenges arise. I am looking forward to reviewing the materials from the class when different issues arise in our parenting, and I know that I can always contact Hayley for additional coaching if we need it. I would recommend Hayley's parenting class to any new parent, or even a second or third-time parent!

Leslie A. – Mom from Irvine

THANK YOU So much for your time to sit with us and listen to all our parenting challenges.
Your class was amazing - in every way. Each night I left, I called my husband on the way home to share how much I enjoyed that evening and what I learned -granted I'm a nerd for school, so I could have kept this going forever!

Lara S. -Mom from Irvine

Hayley is amazing! After Completing her 8 week course on toddler discipline, I feel immensely more prepared as a parent to meet my child's changing needs. With so much information out there on the developing brain of children 0-5, we are both blessed and burdened. Hayley is up to date on all the latest studies and information and was integral in helping me navigate through it all. My toddler thanks her!

Natalie C.- Mom from Los Angeles

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