Signature Coaching Program

Do you know how much your parenting really impacts your kids?

Are you ready to help you little one manage their behavior and feel in control of their emotions so they can grow up to be happy and make the most of their potential?

If you’re finally ready to be a happier, calmer, patient and more confident parent who is done feeling guilty and worrying about your parenting, then you’re in the right place.

This program is specifically designed for you – the parent of a toddler or preschooler who is ready to make remarkable changes and gain a new level of parenting awareness, happiness and confidence. This program will help you build a strong family with calm parenting and happy kids who can manage their behavior, control their emotions, have deeper more meaningful friendships and thrive with their learning at home and school. There are a lot of benefits to this program. By far the biggest outcomes will be that you will love your spouse more as you parent better together, you will get to know and truly understand your child and learn how to respond differently to their behavior while still nurturing their unique temperament as you parent them calmly and effectively. Ultimately, this will help you enjoy closer family relationships as you create a home that is more peaceful, relaxed, loving and fun.

RESULTS are what you are investing in

You want to know that your parenting, and your relationship with your partner are going to change and that your child will learn to manage their emotions, have less tantrums and meltdowns and behave better as a result of being in this program.

Normally, when you try to make parenting changes you read popular parenting books or research parenting topics online. Maybe you follow a particular parenting expert on Facebook and read all their blog posts. We all know how that goes. You love the information and set lofty goals but trying to make the changes happen it all gets confusing and overwhelming and life happens and sticking with it never lasts! No more. Not this time!

Working with me you won’t be stuck any more!

In my signature program we’ll start right where you are and custom create goals and action steps that fit for YOU. We’ll work with your dream family in mind and craft a plan that considers you personally, your time restraints (we are all busy), your personality style, and your life. I’ll show you where you have been stuck and why you’ve been stuck in your parenting and I’ll show you the solution through different parenting strategies.

Working privately with me is right for you If:

  • You’re open to gaining a deeper understanding of who you are, who your child is and what drives and motivates their behavior and how their behavior triggers you.
  • You’re willing to invest the time to make real changes and experiment with new parenting strategies to solve the challenging behaviors you are struggling with and build a healthier relationship with your child.
  • You’re willing to set aside time each day to spend quality time with your child and as a family as you are going through this process.
  • You really want to become a calmer parent who doesn’t rely on punishment and threats to get your child to listen.

Please NOTE: You do NOT need to already have a clear idea of how your parenting needs to change or a complete vision of what your happier family life will look like – that’s what you’ll uncover and learn when we are working together.

If you’re serious about getting your parenting challenges handled, please don’t hesitate to book a time to talk and let’s see if I can help.

Heart of Connecting

My work is dedicated to supporting parents and early childhood educators in understanding and reducing challenging behavior in young children at home and in the preschool classroom.

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