Free Parent Coaching Breakthrough Session

There is no one right way to parent.
The key is finding the way that is right for you and your family.

If you’re curious to know whether I’m the right coach to turn your parenting frustrations and challenges into breakthroughs and help you get clear about the parenting that’s right for your family, then let’s schedule a time to talk.


The breakthrough session is a special opportunity for you and I to get to know each other and discuss your unique situation. This confidential phone session is an opportunity for us to talk about where you are in your parenting, where you feel stuck, and where you’d like to go with your parenting. We’ll determine whether this signature program and my coaching style are a good fit for you and if I’m the right person to get you to your goals.

In this 30-minute private breakthrough session (by phone) we will:
  • Clarify what’s going on for you including what you’d like to be different in your parenting, your relationship, and your family, once and for all.
  • Explore behaviors in your kids you want them to STOP DOING, DO LESS of, KEEP DOING, or DO MORE of.
  • Uncover why things are not working with your parenting and team parenting and what needs to change.
  • And if we’re both confident my coaching can help you achieve the parenting, team parenting, and family results you desire, I’ll answer all your questions about working together and introduce you to my coaching program and we’ll outline a clear plan with practical next steps toward calm and confident parenting.

Normally, I charge $97 for this Discovery Session, but as a new client welcome gift, I’m offering this session absolutely FREE to all qualified applicants. This is my way of seeing if I can indeed be of help and making sure I am the right coach for you.
To get started please complete the confidential application and select a coaching time.

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My work is dedicated to supporting parents and early childhood educators in understanding and reducing challenging behavior in young children at home and in the preschool classroom.

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